Maven Best. Pattern design and illustration by Ura Jones


Hello + About

  • Hi, my name is Ura - thank you for visiting my site.
  • Please contact me for freelance and licensing inquiries.
  • Other design inquiries very welcome.

About Maven:

  • My art designs are lovingly hand drawn, and nature inspired. 
  •  I use ink on paper mostly and allow random organic imagery to surface.
  • Drawing helps me to slow down the chaotic world and appreciate the internal one.

About Ura:

  • I live in Vancouver Canada, sunny rainy beautiful sad, an endless source of inspiration. 
  • Some favorite artists include Eva Zeisel, Mary Oliver, Alessandro Sanna, Maira Kalman, Paul Klee, Gordon Smith.
  • Honorable mention to Lina & Alana, thanks & deep love to Mike + Allen + Dash.


I welcome new friends, nice messages and angel investors.


Joyfully, gratefully - Ura/